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My blank diploma or fake personalized old green diploma

My blank diploma or fake personalized old green diploma

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Original price 4,50€ T.TC. - Original price 4,50€ T.TC.
Original price
4,50€ T.TC.
4,50€ T.TC. - 4,50€ T.TC.
Current price 4,50€ T.TC.

Printing of my blank diploma or personalized fake diploma .
Template: old green diploma .
Product compatible with customization from a simple excel list allowing variable information to be integrated, for example: note, surname, first name or others.

My Personalized Blank Diploma

Your diploma rewards the involvement of your students or interns. It is important, whatever the level of the diploma, to mark the cost. We offer different versions depending on your budget.

  • We can embed in the blank diploma your logo as well as all types of information desired.
  • Variable data printing , if you have a list via an excel file , or whatever, we can integrate it.
  • Level 4, 3, 2, 1 or other diplomas are all printed on a art paper with a canson-like grainy appearance. It is thick and holds well.
  • The diplomas are printed in color on one side.
  • If you choose the framing option, the diplomas are delivered framed.

Print custom diploma

You can ask us to print the template without personalization , the blank diploma . Where to change only the color, text and integrate your logo(s). If necessary, you can customize it without limits or create one custom made for you. From year to year we keep the files on request.

The framework
We offer a light, thin version in black plastic to finish the printing and to stiffen the diploma for a good grip during the award ceremony. It also allows you to hang it on the wall or place it on a piece of furniture.
If you want to have a more qualitative object in a frame, the wooden version in black, white or gold is more appropriate. With a thickness of 2cm gives a nice finish to the freshly received diploma and allows a wall hanging.
The wax seal
Creating a seal on a diploma gives another sentimental dimension to the certificate. It is affixed where you want it. The wax used is a wine red wax, widely used in the luxury hotel industry.
Variable data
On the diploma we can print information unique to each copy . All you have to do is provide us with an excel file with the data on it. Each line will correspond to a diploma, and each column to information (example: last name, first name, mark, year, mention). Don't worry, we check the file manually and send you an integration example to validate it together before printing. We we will always contact you . The file can be sent after placing the order.

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