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Ergonomic chairs for adults

Original price 58,40€ T.TC. - Original price 68,60€ T.TC.
Original price
58,40€ T.TC.
58,40€ T.TC. - 68,60€ T.TC.
Current price 58,40€ T.TC.

Ergonomic office chair for people of adult size.

the chair

  • Free delivery for metropolitan France
  • Parcel tracking by link after shipment for delivery
  • Made in design : Portugal
  • Held in stock in Portugal
  • Shipping and receipt of your order in Metropolitan France within 15 days
  • This chair ecological meets the SDGs
    • SDGs No. 6 :
      Clean water and sanitation
      . The plant uses a cooling water circuit operating in a closed vessel. The water is thus reused several times without being discharged into the environment unnecessarily
    • SDGs No. 7 :
      clean and affordable energy
      . The roof surface of the factory is covered with solar panels. Being based in Portugal, this installation produces more current than the factory consumes. The manufacture of chairs is in positive energy.
    • SDGs No. 12 :
      responsible consumption and production
      . Polypropylene is the material chosen to constitute the one-piece chair by injection . It is enriched with a non-toxic food coloring, without varnish. What makes our < chair a non-toxic product and fully recyclable . Composition of the chair :
      20% 30% 50% 100%
  • Eco-friendly plastic manufacturing chairs from recycling Polypropylene is a plastic made from non-toxic and 100% recyclable recycled material .
  • Chairs containing no varnish, glue, paint or fixing screws. The chairs are one-piece and have no no need to be mounted .
  • Outdoor chairs or indoors, can support people of more than 150 kg .
  • 20 year warranty Due to their design via single-piece double-wall injection, the chairs are more durable than a classic wooden or iron chair and are more resistant to scratches, shocks, and wear and tear.
  • Lightweight chair and one-handed operation easily
  • Washable chair easily to water and karcher
  • Those are Anti-tipping chairs The angle of the rear legs provides greater stability. Meets European conformity.

The chairs are certified

This inexpensive modern chair responds to a Eco-label Go Green
Go Green
Label Go Green, choose eco-friendly
dining chair , office chair , dining chair to European standards. Norm En 1729 parts 1 and 2
Fira international lab label
European standards for the dimensions, resistance and stability of the chair

Summary of Ergo seats

This technique of manufacturing recycled furniture makes the chairs inexpensive. It is an eco-responsible one-piece 70% recycled and 100% recyclable chair that can be included in a CSR purchasing policy.

These seats can be used as kitchen and dining room chairs because they do not contain toxic products and are fully washable. They can go well with bar stools and chairs of another style.

These work chairs can also be an ergonomic secretary chair or as an ergonomic back pain office chair thanks to its specially molded backrest for lumbar comfort.

Choose the size of an office chair or a dining chair

How, choose the size of a chair ? They are defined by European standards and are grouped into several categories. They are determined by two parameters: your size and the height of the worktop of the chosen table.

  • height seat T4 : optimized for an adult or child from 133 to 159 cm and a table with a worktop from 63 to 65 cm high.
  • height seat T5 : optimized for an adult or child from 146 to 177 cm and a table with a worktop from 70 to 72 cm high.
  • height seat T6 : Standard chair size optimized for an adult or child from 159 to 188 cm and a table with a worktop from 75 to 77cm high.
  • height seat T7 : optimized for an adult or child from 174 to 207 cm and a table with a worktop from 81 to 83 cm high.

Learn more about chairs

  1. Doc builder on the chair
  2. if you have a question, you have the question bar at the bottom right or by clicking here. Your contact will be Ameli Mo-Account our product specialist.
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