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Personalized Giant Dummy Gift Card

Tarif (TVA 20% et frais de ports France Métropole inclus)

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Original price 0,00€ T.TC.
5,00€ T.TC.
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Current price 5,00€ T.TC.

Dummy giant gift card format

During award ceremonies, giant gift vouchers are an original way to emphasize the gift offered. By having a giant personalized gift card printed with your logo and the text of your choice, you highlight your image and that of your partners.

Our gift vouchers are erasable , which will allow you to use them on different occasions.

How to order?

  1. Choose your format.
  2. Place order.
  3. Send your logo and other elements to or when ordering.
  4. A graphic designer contacts you to create and validate the visual together.
  5. Only after your validation, we start printing.

What is customizable in the dummy gift card?

All. You will detail your desires when the graphic designer contacts you (logo, color, texts...)
The illustrations are only a few examples of realization for information purposes.

What is erasable on fake gift cards?

On the entire surface of the giant gift card, we apply a high quality dry erase coating. We deliver it with an erasable marker (offered).

What material do you print the large gift card on?

The facsimile gift card is not printed on cardboard! But on a stronger and just as light surface: dibond. This allows for easy handling and easy reuse.

The giant gift card is made in France .

For transportation by car or train, what size fake gift card do you recommend?

The optimum dummy gift card model for transport is the 100x40cm size, it fits in all cars and is large enough for the photo when handed over.

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