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Propos consommateur : définition circuit-court - Bien-stocker

Consumer comments: short-circuit definition

Is the short circuit the future? Despite the obvious precariousness of young students, they feel concerned by the short circuit and are ready to pay a little more to consume better. Marion, a young girl from Dijon, gives her point of view.

For you, what is consuming local?
"It's buying food from producers in my region: farmer, market gardener, shared gardens. But also buying things made by local people. For example, instead of buying a candle from a big brand, I'll look if there is not someone who makes them in Dijon."

An e-commerce site that works in a short circuit and that highlights products from your region, what do you think?
"I think it's great! It allows you to buy locally without having trouble finding a structure in your city or region. And another positive point: it's probably faster. I'm even ready to pay a little more to consume better.

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