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1,000 Rpm aluminum motors

140,82€ T.TC.
Power (Kw)

1000 Rpm aluminum cage asynchronous motors.

All motors have IP55 protection rating, IC411 cooling system, B3 mounting (foot motor), with IE3 efficiency.

All items presented in stock here are in Form B3 (Legged)
For the following shapes, contact us:
- B5: flanged smooth holes
- B14: flanged tapped holes
- B35: legs and flanges B5
- B34; legs and flanges B14

The type of polarity: 4 Poles

Downloadable PDF with the technical characteristics of the aluminum motors

Main Features :

  • Three-phase squirrel cage motors in aluminum casing
  • IP55 protection
  • Class F insulation
  • Class B warm-up
  • Multi-position with repositionable tabs from size 56 to size 160
  • Stored at 230/400V and/or 400/690V operating at 50/60hz
  • Other special voltage on request
  • Speed ​​3000 rpm or 1500 rpm or 1000 rpm depending on the model
  • IE3 for work at fixed speed between 0.75 and 18.5kW
  • Form B3 - B5 - B14 - B35 - B34
  • Standard motors fitted with PTC sensors
  • These motors can be equipped with options such as special probes, bleed holes, heating resistors, umbrella covers, specific epoxy paint - C3M- C5M
  • Three-phase (code VF) or single-phase (code VFW) forced ventilation. IC416 cooling can also be fitted as an option

Prices are inclusive of VAT (20% VAT) and free delivery.